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Implementing an online collaborative project

It's very important to introduce the project and iEARN properly to your students. Such approach should be appealing and call your students' attention to the great opportunity to work with schools around the world.Here are some tips on how to introduce iEARN to your students:
  • Elicit students' interest in working with native speakers and foreign students .You could even create a questionnaire!
  • Take students to a lab and introduce them to the iEARN website.
  • Tell students about iEARN history and mission.
  • Let students get into the forums and reply some students.A good suggestion is to take your students to the "Youth Forum".
  • If there are not computers available at school.You could print some post and take to class so your students can read and write replies that can be posted later by the teacher.



Some useful tools

We know that you get lost with so many links to different websites and webpages.One way to organize your links is to use one bookmarking host.Bookmarking your links help you to all important links on the web in the same place.
 Take a look at some examples bellow:

Another great  website is the Magnetic Poetry in which you and your students can create wonderful pieces of poetry.Try it!

EAPE- Brasília,2006