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Our party


International Education and Resource Network
  • You can take a look at  iEARN (just click here)to find out more about it.
  • Here is a video with an overview of iEARN made in China :


iEARN on Vimeo
  • There are some Tutorials to help you to enter, register and post messages.

User ID:


 to enter the iEARN website.

  • To join in iEARN you must:

1- go to iEARN website

2-Click on the icon" Join iEARN"

3- Click on " online registration form" under " Outside of the United States"

4- Fill in with your personal information and click on " add me"

  • To post in the  forums :

1- You can either  go to iEARN website  and click on " Interactive Forums" under " Quick Login" on the top right side part of the page.Or you can go directly to

2- Type in your username and password

  • To go to the Teachers' Forum or Youth Forum:

There are 2 ways:

1- If you click on the first yellow square named " General" you will see " General Meeting Places" and then if you put your mouse there you will see " Teachers' Forum" and " Youth Forum" .Just click on it.

2-You can click on the links under " Meet others in iEARN"

1- Teachers Forum

2-Youth Forum

  •  To reply to a message in iEARN you have to :
  1. click on " reply" on the top right  corner of every message.
  2. Write your message in the big box under the word " Message"
  3. Click on " Post my message"
  • To create a new discussion thread in a forum:
  1. Click on " Add discussion" at the bottom of the page
  2. Fill in with a title( Subject) and your text ( Message)
  3. Click on "Add discussion"

Chosing a project and searching partners

There are some aspects to take into consideration when deciding on a project:
  • the curriculum
  • your objectives in relation to the project
  • students' age
  • students' interests
  • time
  • activities
  • material and technology available

There are some places you can look for new projects:

  • Newflashes - you have to send an email to to have yourself added to the distribution list

After choosing a project, you should contact the facilitator via email.


EAPE- Brasília,2006