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Meaningful Learning
 This is the first topic that will be discussed by the group. Meaningful learning is a key element in the  teaching/learning process.
As your first weekly task, we'd like you to read about The components of Meaningful Learning and:
  1.  reflect about which of the components do you consider to be the most important one.
  2.  think how you can integrate those component to your present teaching experience.
  3. to what extent the teacher motivation and classroom environment can affect the teaching/learning process.
So, go to our blog and post your reflections under " Meaningful learning".

Learning Styles
Now it's time to some practice! Take the Learning Styles Test  to find out what kind of learner your are!
Later, read the Learning Styles -Or, How We Go From the Unknown To the Known  in which three different models of learning styles are presented and :
  1. indicate which model you consider to be the most interesting
  2. reflect if you take into consideration the different learning styles when your plan your classes and assess your students.
  3. think how you could integrate the learning styles theory into your teaching practice.

Go to our blog and post your reflections on " Learning Styles"

EAPE- Brasília,2006