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Teaching EFL through Online Collaborative Projects

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Our party
Welcome to our course Teaching EFL through Online Collaborative Projects.We will be learning together in the next ten weeks,and you will be engaged in discussions and activities that will serve as guidelines in selecting, planning and implementing online collaborative projects.
This is a 15-session program and you are requested to participate in the activities outlined for all sessions. You are also expected to complete activities at home that include the reading selection, group activities, online participation, and reflections on your learning along the course.

This website will help  you with the main theory regarding the work with online collaborative projects and the tasks to be accomplished in the course. Here you will find the syllabus as well as the extra readings and tasks for each session.


Besides this website, two other tools will be used

along the course: a blog in which you will post your reflections on the texts, and an yahoo group in which you will be in contact with the other participants and the facilitators via email.


You will be evaluated through active participation along the course in class and online (posting reflections in the blog, asking and answering questions in our yahoo group), the implementation of a project, and through a written report by the end of the course. Thus, we expect you  will be able to work with a project when you finish this course.


As the facilitators, we will be working in collaboration to assist you in your project work. Do not hesitate to contact us and for support and assistance. We will be available online through email and Skype: / isabelteixeira73(Skype id) /Almer Garibaldi( Skype id)

Finally,we would like to thank Mrs Melvia Hasman, Attaché of English Programs of the Public Affairs Section in the American Embassy,Denise Farias, the principal of Centro Interescolar de Línguas de Taguatinga,Catherine Healy, the Secretary of Education of the Federal District and EAPE (Escola de Aperfeiçoamento de Profissionais da Educação) on behalf of his director, Jandir Alves Teixeira, who provided us with this great opportunity to develop as professionals and share our experience with other teachers.
Isabel Teixeira
Almerinda Garibaldi. 



EAPE- Brasília,2006