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How to Access Online Collaborative Projects

An effective assessment program uses multiple strategies to demonstrate growth and performance, and should be closely correlated to your stated goals. Projects in which students create multimedia presentations, Web pages, artwork or songs may be evaluated differently than traditional written, typed, or even word-processed papers. Assessment strategies can include performance tasks, teacher observations, personal communications, standardized testing, and student and teacher developed evaluation rubrics, and others.

Before beginning a project, it is always necessary to ask:

  • How will you know if your project was successful?
  • How will you measure what students learn?

What is the function of assessment in PBL?

Assessment helps teachers develop more complex relationships with their students...

Assessment helps students answer the questions "Am I getting it?" and "How am I doing?"...

Assessment can help make content connections clear...

Assessment engages students directly in the evaluation of their own work...

Assessment helps teachers plan their next steps...

Assessment helps students plan their projects...


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EAPE- Brasília,2006