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Technological Tools for EFL (Listening/Speaking)

Voice and Video Mail

There are many tools that can enrich  a project  and allow students to improve the listening and speaking skills. Some of these tools are the voice email, and podcasts.


The voice mail is a more personal and real way to send a message as the students record a message instead of just typing it. It can be sent as an attachment to a text message and some its uses for language learning are a means of communication between teachers and students , students and students.

Activities that can be done with voice mail:

·         topical discussions

·         voice messages (with corresponding text) between e-pals

·         teacher posts to students via email or blog: fun or 'work'

·         response to class work or homework posted on blog or mailed to teacher

·         podcast journal



An interesting Voice Mail hosts is Springdoo . Listen to some audio and video messages produced to the group.And you can learn how to do them by following the steps in the tutorial page.





Podcasting (a portemanteau of the words iPod and broadcasting) is the name given to the publishing of audio (usually mp3 files) via the Internet, designed to be downloaded and listened to on a portable mp3 player of any type, or on a personal computer.It provides students with great opportunities to improve their listening and speaking abilities.
 In our podcast page you will have the chance to practice how to create a podcast.Listen to our first episode here.


Click here to get your own player.

Another good examples of the use of Podcasts in EFL are :

You can also use Odeo to create your podcasts.See one example:

Bubbleshare( photo albums)

Having in mind that visual  and musical learners, there is a great tool in which students can work with pictures and audio by creating photo albums and record audio comments to each picture.Bubbleshare can be used in many different ways.Go to our tutorial page to learn how to work with it.Here is an example of a possibility of how to take advantage of such rich tool.Just click on "play" and have fun:

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