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Our party

This is how you post a comment on our Blog.

Our blog page

Then, click on " comments".


This new page will open:


Just click inside the empty box under " Leave your comment" and write down a text.


Choose the " other" option


Write the code you see in the " word verification" box.


Finally , click on " Publish your comment" .


This is how you create a voice or video mail with Springdoo

First go to and click on  the orange button " Join and use for free"


Fill in with your email address and a password.They will send the information to your email.Click on  the " Sign up" blue button.Then,open your email  and click on the link they provide.


Whenever you want to record an audio or video message, go to Springdoo website and click on the grey button "User Login".Fill in with your email and password, and click  on the grey " Log in" button.


To record a message:
  1. Fill in the email of person to whom you want to send the message in the "To" field.Also, fill in the subject box.
  2. Click on the "record" button
  3. Start recording your message
  4. Click on "Stop" when you think it´s time to finish
  5. Click on " Play" to listen to it or on " Start Over" if you think you need to do it again
  6. And click on " Send message" to send it to somebody


This is how you create a photo album with bubbleshare

First to go the Bubbleshare page - www and click on " Create account" on the top right corner of the page


Fill in with your name, email address, and a password.Click on " create account"


To create an album. Just go to the Bubbleshare website and click on " Log In" on the top right corner of the page.Fill in with you email address and password.Click on " Log In"


After you log in, Click on " Create a new album" button.A new window will be open.Give a name to the album and click on " add photo".


A window like the one below will open.Find the photo you want to add and click on "open" close to "File name".Repeat the process and add as many photos as you wish. Then, click the " Next step-Submit".Wait until your photos are uploaded.You can add caption and audio messages( click on " audio caption" just above the picture).


EAPE- Brasília,2006