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Implementing and online collaborative project

Creating a New Project

Before starting a new project in iEARN, new classrooms are encouraged to first get involved in existing projects. In most cases, participants will find that the themes of their own classroom projects relate to at least one existing project in the network. Once you have participated, have made contacts in iEARN, and are familiar with how the projects are conducted on the forums, these are the suggested steps for developing your own project:

Announce your idea by posting it to the Teachers' Lounge . This is to generate discussion and possible collaboration on the actual design of the project, and to see if there are other people interested in the topic.

Once you find other people who are interested in joining the project, fill out the Project Idea Template Form (see below), either by submitting it on the web at or by sending it by email to iEARN Coordinators will help to find an online forum for your project to take place in, and will indicate this on #14 of the Project Template. If your project will not take place on a forum, and will be a small email exchange, for example, the posting will indicate this and tell people who to contact. iEARN Coordinators will then post the form to Ideas (newsgroup: apc.iearn.ideas). Please note: the Ideas forum is moderated so that only the iEARN Coordinators can post a new topic to the forum. Ideas (newsgroup: apc.iearn.ideas) serves as a clearinghouse of all iEARN projects, with descriptions, timelines, and directions to the forum in which each project is happening.

Once your project has been posted in and assigned to a project forum, it should also be posted as a topic on the online forum in which it will be happening. You can do this yourself, or get help from the iEARN Coordinators at Facilitators are encouraged to start an "Updates" thread to provide participants with updates about the project (news, timeline modifications, etc) and an "Introductions" thread in which new members can introduce themselves as they join the project.

Occasionally post responses to your topic on so that people know whether it is ongoing or ended, whether you are still looking for participants, etc. Again, only the iEARN Project Coordinators at can post new topics to Ideas (newsgroup: apc.iearn.ideas). But, project facilitators are strongly encouraged to update their original announcement by posting news of the project as responses to the original announcement. Send the updates to as well, so that we can put them in the newsflash. This is especially important if most of your project is taking place over email and not on an online forum where it is visible to the full iEARN community.

New Project Template

  1. Name of Project:
  2. Brief one-sentence description of project:
  3. Full description of project:
  4. Age/level of project participants:
  5. Timetable/Schedule for the project:
  6. Possible project/classroom activities:
  7. Expected outcomes/products:
  8. Project contribution to others and the planet:
  9. Project language(s):
  10. Curriculum area:
  11. Names/email of initial participating groups:
  12. Name of facilitator(s):
  13. Email of facilitator(s):
  14. iEARN Forum where it will take place or is taking place (leave blank if uncertain, and you will be assigned to a forum):
  15. WWW page of project (not required):

Send by email to

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One more useful tool

Flickr is  a good website not only to share your pictures through albums ,but it also provides a rich resource with public pictures that can be used in your classroom, blogs, and websites.Take a look at an example:

EAPE- Brasília,2006